New business opens in Lawrenceville

The Lake Country General Store at 143 West Hicks Street offers “old-fashioned” grocery items like hoop cheese and country ham as well as basic grocery items. Chris Baird, holding Casey Baird, Erinn Baird, Chrissy Baird, 7, Tiffani Procise and Christian Baird are shown. Caitlyn Baird is not pictured. Chris and Erinn appreciate the support they have received from family and friends. Notice the apron Chrissy is wearing – she loves being a helper. (Sylvia Allen/Brunswick Times-Gazette)

LAWRENCEVILLE – There is a new business in town! Make plans to stop at Lake Country General Store, at 143 West Hicks Street, offering “old-fashioned” products and basic grocery items.

Chris Baird and his wife, Erinn, with the help of family are excited about opening a new business and will offer some old favorites like hoop cheese and country ham with specialty items like a wide assortment of jams, jellies and salsas.

“We plan to offer your regular grocery items. Two of our vendors served Red & White grocery before it closed. We are also planning to offer scones and muffins with Lake Country Coffee,” Chris said. “Plans are in the works to offer hot dogs and barbeque at lunch time.”

Chris said he grew up around country stores and remembered his grandfather, Grover Baird.

The interior has been beautifully remodeled and there is a door that connects to Lake Country Properties located next door.

Check out the website at . Other items available include Apple Butter, Fried Green Tomato Batter Mix, and hard candy.

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Chris said the hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The phone number is (434) 532-8282.