Books bring people together

Visit the Little Free Library at Peebles Park, 201 South Main Street, Lawrenceville. Books are available at no charge.

LAWRENCEVILLE – Bettie Vaughan provided information to members of the Lawrenceville Town Council about the Little Free Library installed at Peebles Park, 201South Main Street. The park is located across from her home on South Main Street so she can see who visits the Little Free Library. She said the idea is to take a book, return a book – all on the honor system.

Todd Bol built the 1st Little Free Library from his Hudson, Wisconsin front yard in 2009 as a tribute to his mother, a former teacher and lifelong reader. Vaughan said she and her husband, Charles, were sold on the idea since she is a teacher and lover of reading.

They registered at in October 2017 to participate in the project. Council gave permission for the project to be installed at Peebles Park. They contacted Gene Hinkle, carpenter and painter, to build the first Little Free Library. Cindy Woyer painted the designs and it was filled with over 160 books around June 2019.

“Charles and I are called stewards of the Little Free Library. The responsibility of the stewards is to welcome participation, create and maintain a friendly place in and around the library and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to share books – support the community,” Vaughan said.

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To read the entire article pick up the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.