LAWRENCEVILLE – Clifton Layton, 59, from Lawrenceville is charged with possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony.

According to information provided by Administrative Captain Kent Washburn with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept. 14 Sergeant Haywood Stith responded to a residence on Western Mill Road in reference to threats Layton made. He came to the residence and said the person he dated and her current boyfriend were bothering him and he was going to kill them both.

Stith contacted Layton at his residence and he admitted going to the residence and that the new boyfriend was bothering him. Based on the severity of the threats Stith obtained a protective order and secured a warrant for threats over the phone.

During the investigation it was learned that Layton had some guns at his residence and that he was a convicted felon. The firearm was recovered and Layton was charged.

Edquan Dominique Frazier, 26, from Concord, is charged with possession of marijuana and perjury.

Washburn said on Sept. 4 Captain D. T. Jones was in Brunswick County General District Court for a case involving Frazier. Jones charged him on July 20 for reckless speeding, 86 mph in a 70 mph zone and he pleaded not guilty. Jones testified to what happened on July 20 then Frazier testified saying he was not driving the vehicle on the day of the stop. After the court case, Frazier exited the courthouse and Jones placed him under arrest for perjury. Jones asked Frazier to get his vehicle moved in a reasonable amount of time and he refused. Jones explained that the vehicle could not be left on Main Street and Frazier said, “tow it or do whatever.” Investigator Sasser and Deputy Kevin Jones assisted and conducted an inventory search of the vehicle. Deputy Jones saw green plant-like material of what appeared to be marijuana in plain view on the front passenger seat. Captain Jones transported Frazier to the Meherrin River Regional Jail and charges were filed.

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