Technology opens doors, enhances learning

Leilani Smith, left, Heaven Cooper, Ariana Moody, Sha'Niya Crockett, Imarius Dugger look forward to using Chromebooks.

Totaro Elementary School is heading into a brave new exciting world, creating a one-to-one initiative with students and Chromebooks. Totaro Elementary School is the First school in the county to implement a one-to-one program. This means that every student has a device to use in the classroom. Each student has been assigned a DELL 3100 Chromebook to enhance instruction. The goal of the initiative is to increase student achievement and gives a modest boost to their 21st century skills. These devices will enable teachers the opportunity to deliver a more personalized content to students, boost students’ technology skills, and to empower children to do more complex and creative work. Chromebooks in the classrooms will enhance student engagement and collaboration. These devices will allow students to work collaboratively while completing projects, reports, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. Implementation of the Chromebooks will allow students to engage with other peers, within the classroom and with classrooms on the other side of the world.

Dr. Richardson-Williams, 4th grade teacher, added, “The Chromebook draws the students to focus and guides them to take the position of analyzing Looking to Learn, Learning to Look.”

LaQuon Powell, a 4th grade student stated, “I am excited about having Chromebooks because we don’t have to leave our classrooms to use computers anymore.”

The future is here, and the time is now. Technology is a powerful tool in education and Totaro is very proud to be the first to equip our students with devices that will promote academic enhancement while preparing our students for the rapidly changing world.”