Appreciating family

Good morning, Brunswick County!

Wow, this summer is going fast. I guess that's good for all of the young people who are super anxious to get back in school.

Like most of you, our garden is drying out and the daily bags of harvest are slowing down. I hope that you all got enough cucumbers and squash. It was a good year for us.

And I hope that all of you were able to attend at least one family reunion or get together this year.

In the past month or so, we attended three.

The best was over the 4th of July when we were able to get all 11 of our children, their spouses and 30 grandchildren together at the same time for three days. We rented a two house set up in the mountains of Utah that had a huge kitchen and dining area as well as beds for everyone. It was in a little town that didn't even have a gas station or a grocery store, but it was perfect for us. There was a volleyball court, a basketball court, a bunch of swings, a play house, a huge sandbox, a trampoline and a 200 foot water slide. We all had a lot of fun.

We started and ended every day with a family prayer, singing and a devotional. And we sat around for hours just talking and playing games.

Each family took an assignment for purchasing, preparing, serving and cleaning up after a meal.

And we didn't have any emotional break downs, no hurt feelings (that I know of), no throwing up (that was a miracle) and no runny noses (an even greater miracle.)

As we prepared to leave and go our separate ways to Idaho, California, Arizona, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, we gathered and sang “God be with you 'til we meet again” with tears in our eyes.

Cindy and I felt it was appropriate that the name of that little Utah town was 'Paradise.'

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