LAWRENCEVILLE – Things should get a little quieter in the Town of Lawrenceville. At the July meeting the Lawrenceville Town Council approved the proposed noise ordinance and repeal of the existing noise ordinance. Council held a public hearing on the matter on Tuesday, July 9, and no one spoke in opposition.

Mabel Brewer sent council a letter in favor of the ordinance saying she was unable to sit on her porch from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. because of the loud noise.

According to information provided by Lawrenceville Town Manager C. J. Dean, said the purpose of this ordinance is to establish measurable noise levels to protect the health, welfare, safety and quality of life for individuals of the Town of Lawrenceville.

At the June meeting W. C. Outten, Jr., Town Attorney, said he has been working closely with Chief Everette Gibson and Assistant Chief J. R. Stith, Jr. with the Lawrenceville Police Department on the proposed ordinance over the last several weeks. Outten said they have also reviewed ordinances from other localities. The police department has purchased the equipment to measure noise levels.

In other matters, Dean said there are letters from the Virginia Department of Health and information in the packet regarding Disinfection By-Products standards violations of the Lawrenceville, Alberta and IDA North water systems.  The Town is working with B&B Consultants on cost estimates and plans that would have to be submitted for approval before bidding and construction could begin.  Operational changes have already been made that are showing improvements

To read the entire article pick up the July 31, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.