Residential uses would be permitted in the Historic Overlay District.

The Lawrenceville Town Council and the Lawrenceville Planning Commission will hold a joint public hearing on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. to consider a zoning ordinance amendment to Article 6. B-g Business, General District 6-1-32. All interested individuals should attend the public hearing or submit written comments to the Town of Lawrenceville, 400 North Main Street, Lawrenceville, VA 23868 prior to 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 9, 2020. The meeting and public hearing will be conducted by electronic means. Citizens may attend the meeting through and by phone 1 (646) 749-3122 - Access code: 445-977-069

The amendment if enacted will permit residential uses within space in the Historic Overlay District with the following criteria: at least one floor of finished space below the floor utilized for residential purposes; all residential uses are subject to requirements within the Rental Inspection District [see Sec. (18-78)], which will aid in the assurances that life safety issues are addressed in the Historic Overlay District in buildings that were commercial and now may be retrofitted for residential usage [see Sec.(18-75)]; all residential parking would be located behind the buildings with entrances from the side or rear [see Sec.(23-51)]. Residential uses are subject to provisions of the Virginia State Building Code and Fire Code.

The proposed ordinance is available for viewing at the Lawrenceville Town Office, it is posted in the front window. It is also posted on the Town of Lawrenceville website at

Interim Lawrenceville Town Manager Everette L. Gibson said the zoning ordinance amendment will permit residential uses in spaces within the Historic Overlay District.

They would have to meet the following criteria: at least 1 of finished space below the floor being used for residential space, all the residential uses are subject to the requirements within the rental inspection district. (Sec.18-78 Assures that safety issues are addressed within the historic overlay district that were commercial but are being retrofitted for residential use).

Residential uses are subject to provisions of the VA State Building Code and Fire Code.

Cindy Pecht, Chairman of the Lawrenceville Planning Commission, added more information.

Lawrenceville's Historic Overlay District code (Article 21) encourages the development of residential, commercial, institutional, and mixed-use buildings, enhance typologies, and that make economic restructuring possible.  It also recommends amending the Town's zoning ordinance to allow for housing above ground floor retail.

The current code, found in Article 6. B-G, General District (6-1-32) of the zoning ordinance, only allows for residential uses by an owner of the building or manager/operator of the business being conducted in the building.  In addition, no rent may be charged.

The intent of the proposed zoning ordinance amendment is to better align the Town's zoning code with the Historic Overlay District code.  Additionally, the proposed amendment is compatible with the Town of Lawrenceville's 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan, where Strategy 2 of the Economic section seeks to, "Encourage and promote development of upper-story residential lofts in downtown."

If the proposed zoning ordinance is adopted, it would allow for the development of upper-story apartments or condos in buildings where there is one floor of finished space below the floor utilized for residential purposes.  It would also allow for rent to be charged.

The Planning Commission strongly encourages and welcomes citizen input.

For more information call the Lawrenceville Town Office at (434) 848-2414.