Ann M. Connell

Ann M. Connell, Chief Deputy Clerk, is seeking to be elected as Brunswick County Circuit Court Clerk. She has 27 years of experience and knows all aspects of the workings of the Brunswick County Clerk’s Office. She is certified through UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, recognized throughout Virginia government for its quality leadership training.

“I feel I have the experience to serve as Circuit Court Clerk and I am well qualified for the position. I have been honored to serve as Chief Deputy Clerk for the circuit court. It’s a responsibility I take seriously ensuring the office meets the needs of the people we serve,” Connell stated.

Connell said the Clerk’s Office has records dating back to 1732 bringing people to research marriage licenses, wills, deeds and other records. She said she works continuously to preserve the old records of the county and will continue to seek grants for that purpose.

“We have people visit the Clerk’s Office all the time researching family records. Preserving the records is a top priority,” Connell said. “We work with the public every day and strive to be helpful, giving the citizens of Brunswick County the best possible service.”

Connell said she has been involved in the budget process at the state and local level. She estimated that approximately half of her time is spent working on circuit court related matters.

Connell listed other accomplishments: participates in education and training sessions offer by the Virginia Supreme Court, initiated acceptance of credit card payments, and worked to put records on-line for easy access to the public.

To read the entire article pick up the Oct. 2, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.