LAWRENCEVILLE – The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two cases of domestic violence.

Administrative Captain Brad Evans said Jalisa Gwendolyn Macklin, 22, from La Crosse and Niren D. Carroll, 29, from Lawrenceville are charged with assault and battery of a family member on June 16. Deputy J. McKnight responded to a residence on Christanna Highway and Carroll said that Macklin came in the bedroom and pulled the covers back accosting him and accusing him of cheating on her. Carroll had scratches and bruises on his head and neck. He also had scratches on his right arm and on the right side of his torso. Macklin had a laceration above her right eye. She said Carroll pushed her causing her to hit her head on the dresser. Both were assessed by Brunswick EMS, transported to the Meherrin River Regional Jail and charged. Emergency Protective Orders were issued. Pictures were taken. Both were released on unsecured bonds.

Dexter Littonia Hawkins, 48, from White Plains is charged with assault and battery of a family member on June 16.

Evans said the victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office saying a physical altercation had occurred the night before between her and her boyfriend, Hawkins. The victim met with a domestic violence advocate at the Meherrin River Regional Jail and completed a criminal complaint form. The magistrate issued a warrant for domestic assault and an emergency protective order was issued against Hawkins. The victim stated that she and Hawkins were having a verbal altercation over videos and pictures on his phone. Hawkins became upset and grabbed the victim around her neck. She broke free and left the residence. Stith saw minor redness around the victim’s neck. Hawkins said the victim was hitting him during the altercation and he grabbed her around the neck in response to her hitting him.