Mike Dotti, Business Director of the Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, updated the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors on ongoing projects and accomplishments.

Dotti said he has been serving as Business Director for 12 months, leaving his real estate business in the capable hands of his wife Tiffany. He said the IDA authored a position paper to share the IDA’s vision. The IDA has bought a few buildings, sold a building that will pay taxes, and snagged a 400-acre piece of valuable property adjacent to Saint Paul’s College. The IDA teamed up and hosted an Agriculture Conference and with the county’s support executed a day-long Business Seminar to help educate the public.

“With the help of advocates, we have brought folks with resources to Lawrenceville who now are investing in real estate and bringing in new business opportunities to our historic community. It has been a long time coming!” Dotti stated.

Dotti said the IDA recruited a Virtual Health Clinic and Data Center into the Bank of America building bringing the potential for 153 good paying jobs. The IDA is working with the #1 Sports Bar in Richmond, as rated by Yelp, to open a satellite location in Lawrenceville. With help from Carthan Currin, Director of Economic Development, and CJ Dean, Lawrenceville Town Manager, KASS is up and running and beginning the hiring process. The IDA sold the Brunswick Office Center to a private investor thus returning a productive property back to the tax rolls. He said a consultant identified two businesses that would benefit from the expansion of the Enterprise Zone. Working with the Board of Supervisors the IDA, said Dotti, paved the way to significant incentives.

To read the entire article pick up the Nov. 27, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.