LAWRENCEVILLE – Rebecca Spengler, Vice Mayor of the Town of Alberta, thanked the Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority Board of Directors and staff for their support for the project at the Alberta Industrial Park.

”Roughly 70 years ago Alberta was a thriving town supported by the hustle and bustle of two booming railroads. As you drive down I-85, many of you cruise past Exit 28 at your leisure, destined to end up at adventures far past our location.

“However, for roughly the last two years, Alberta has been diligently and meticulously working to improve the economic value of our small town. Mayor Curt D. Williams has been implementing small changes throughout his tenure to bring growth to this town. One such change, the opportunity to have a lay down yard brought to the town by IDA subcontractors, would have indeed changed the trajectory of Alberta, Virginia. Allowing our town, on the cusp of development, to become a landing place for new ventures and economic growth. Growth that would enhance the quality of life for the current community and future tourism.

“Unfortunately, our hopes for the future have been waylaid by the decision of Dominion Energy; Natural Gas to pull their pipeline project, visions have been crushed. For a brief moment in time, Alberta was not only eagerly receptive for a lay down yard, but for the highly anticipated potential of economic growth, development Alberta desperately needs. Alberta will never be the same without this opportunity. While we are thrilled for Dominion to thrive and prosper in their own right, we are crestfallen at the missed opportunity to bring not only a lay down yard but also an RV park to rural Southern Virginia. While we are nestled off of Route 1 and I-85 in Brunswick County, opportunities in order to grow rural Virginia are far and few between. We felt that finally, a good future was coming to our small town of 200 people with the promise of the Dominion Energy natural gas pipeline lay down yard. However, the news brought to us by local radio and television has shaken us to our core. We slowly and surely are seeing our future slip from our fingers.

“A future where we envision Alberta working with the IDA to expand and grow the local economy by bringing business such as a High-End RV Park, restaurants, a coffee shop, a Laundromat, and a gym. While some may not view this as necessary, it is important for our town to welcome economic opportunities, which allows us to bring in the much-needed revenue to improve upon our current endeavors. Endeavors such as expanding the newly implemented recycling program to include plastic and glass, which needs additional funding. As well as future endeavors such as, modifying our current sidewalks to become handicapped accessible, which would encourage visitors to navigate and explore the splendors of our small town. Potential funding is also required to complete the desired Tobacco Heritage Trail, grant funding has not even begun to touch the expected costs of project completion. Maintenance and expansion of the trail will require funding in addition to employee compensation, a vehicle to access and navigate the trail in case of an emergency, additional enhancements such as exercise stops along the trail in order to expand upon the trail experience. These are merely some of the long-term ideas we wish to implement for Alberta.

“Regardless, Alberta was, and always will be the small town that everyone wishes was their hometown. The streets are filled with kind, helpful people, eager to welcome and befriend. Community members work together in order to host events, help one another, and take care of the town. While the disappointment from the lay down yard is fresh, Alberta would very much like to continue to provide a home, if even for a short time, to travelers passing through, welcoming them to spend a few days enjoying what our small town could potentially offer.”