Traffic stop yields marijuana

LAWRENCEVILLE – Tyrone Rainey, 27, from Kenbridge is charged with robbery, aggravated malicious wounding, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon on Dec. 20, 2019.

According to information provided by Lieutenant Brad Evans with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 10 p.m. Investigator John Myrick received information that someone was shot at Pinecrest Apartment. He met with Deputy Peter and Deputy Green who stated the victim was shot in the leg and had been transported to the hospital in South Hill for treatment. Deputy Peter stated that the suspect was a 32-year-old black male with a tattoo on the right cheek of his face, wearing a black hoodie and carrying a black back pack. Within a short time Myrick was notified by Deputy Jones that a person matching the description was being detained on Brooks Crossing near the airport. Myrick arrived on the scene and read the suspect, Tyrone Rainey, the Miranda warning. Rainey let Myrick know he didn’t want to talk with him. Myrick talked with 1st Sergeant Lopresti who was going to the hospital in South Hill.

Jones transported Rainey to the office where a gun shot residue test was performed and two pill bottles were found along with individually packaged green leafy substance found in the suspect’s crotch area. Jones also found three lighters and U. S. currency in his pants pocket. Pictures were taken.

Rainey was given a bottle of water and two packs of nabs from the vending machine.

The victim later identified Rainey as the shooter and the person who robbed him and that the lighters were his. Lopresti also told Myrick that the victim said he had over $200 in U. S. currency stolen. Jones and Myrick went back into the interview room where $304 in U. S. currency was seized from Rainey. A receipt was given to Rainey and Jones transported him to the jail where four felony warrants were obtained. Myrick called Deputy King and his K-9 partner and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the sheriff’s office. Deputy King followed Myrick to Pinecrest Apartments where a track was started to recover the articles that were not on the suspect.

To read the entire article pick up the Jan. 1, 2020 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.