At the Brodnax Town Council meeting held Wednesday, July 1, the Playground Committee informed council that plans are moving along smoothly for the town’s new park.

Council member and Playground Committee member Andrew Dugger informed council that the playground equipment has been ordered. The colors chosen are neutral colors, beige and green. Dugger told council that the equipment company would assist with installation, however the town would need to provide some manpower.

“It’s great because we get to take ownership in the project, we get to build it, but we still get the peace of mind that they are there and we know it will be built right,” Dugger said.

He also noted that the town would save money with this type of installation.

Dugger said the Playground Committee would be meeting again soon to discuss things such as borders and signage.

To read the entire article pick up the July 15 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.