Hey, Brunswick County!

I hope you are praying with us for rain and heat relief so that the garden tomato plants don't die off. We had our first home-grown-tomato and cheese sandwich two days ago. Home made bread and Miracle Whip. So good.

But we're worried about the heat.

Somehow, I have blamed it on COVID-19.

You may wonder how COVID has anything to do with it.

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, on a hot Friday morning, Cindy and I wanted to go swimming. With the local pools closed we decided to go to North Bend Park on Bugg's Island where we have been taking the children for the past 35 years. I went online to make sure it was open and, with our suits on and the wind in our hair through the open windows, we pulled into the entrance.

I was amazed to see a sign that indicated that Day Use Passes were no longer available. I went up to the booth and inquired why.

“COVID” was the answer. Said just like that.

As I stood there wondering, I watched as car after car entered the park.

“How do they get in?” I asked.

“They have reservations for a camping spot.”

“Does the reservation itself prevents COVID transmission?” I asked.

“We drove about 25 minutes to get here. Can I get a reservation and go to the swimming area?”

“Yes, but all reservations must be done online.”


I walked back to the car and got out my cell phone and went to make a reservation. None were available for that day.

Back to the booth.

“It looks like there are no spots available to reserve today.”

“Yep, we're all full.”


“But if you are just looking to get in the water a bit, there is a spot behind the visitors center over there where you can get in the water if you want.”

Right then, he redeemed himself. We had a wonderful swim.

But, since then, I've wondered about the limit of what can be blamed on COVID.

Weight gain. Covid

Weight loss. Covid

Psychosis. Covid

Dried up lawn. Covid

Trump wins. Covid

Microwave popcorn bag burnt. Covid

Biden wins. Covid

Lawrenceville Bridge is falling down. Covid

Blossom end rot. Covid

Flat tire. Covid

Arthritis. Covid

Bad hair day. Covid

Restless sleep. Covid

Salt shaker is empty. Covid

Fish aren't biting. Covid

And tooth decay. Covid

Actually, there is a dentist who claims that mask wearing will contribute to an increase in tooth decay. His theory is that because people breathe more through their mouth than their nose when wearing a mask, their saliva (that is supposed to be constantly bathing the teeth and washing away build up of acids from bacteria digested food particles) will dry up faster thus resulting in a possible pandemic of decay. Seems to me that most folks don't wear a mask that many hours in a day for dried saliva to be a problem.

But, if you do wear a mask for more than 3 hours a day, welcome to my world.

And on the topic of masks, I would like to point out that all masks are not created equal. I am constantly amazed at the variety and creativity of mask wearing. Everything from military grade N-95's with a breathing vent that protects the wearer but does nothing for the person on the other side of the mask, to mask wearers who pull the mask down below their noses.

The Most Creative Mask in Lawrenceville Award goes to someone I saw at the Ace Hardware in town. He had forgotten to bring a mask with him so he had tucked a paper napkin under his glasses so that it hung in front of his nose and mouth. Kind of.

Anyway, life, thankfully, is going on.

Our congregation has started having services again. It's strange to sit far apart from each other, with our masks on, and limit the conversations with each other in the foyer, but it felt good to see each other and listen to the Word of God together again.

This too will pass.

But how long will it be until we can joke about it?

How long will it be until someone says, “Hey, your socks don't match!” and the comedians reply will be “Covid! ha ha ha”

Um, that wasn't even funny.

Yep, neither is COVID.

Well, I left the hose running on the blackberries and I got to make sure we don't run the well dry.

Which brings us back to those prayers for rain.

Let's do it.


Oh, there is one good thing about wearing masks. If you cut yourself shaving just before church (I'm trying to blame Covid) no one will know because you keep a mask on the whole time. Just ask the folks at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who attended services last Sunday.