Having fun and learning

Wylie Lynch posed with all of the students at the tractor. This was not an easy photo to take, so many moving parts. (Sylvia Allen/Brunswick Times-Gazette) 

SOUTH BRUNSWICK – The weather for Sweet Potato Day 2019, Sept. 20, was just perfect! This year the event was held at Meherrin-Powellton Elementary School located in the southern part of Brunswick County. First grade students were paired with mentors from Brunswick High School to learn more about the healthy benefits that can be gained from eating sweet potatoes. It was so much fun to see the older students interact with the younger students. The mentors visited Meherrin-Powellton Elementary School on Friday, Sept. 13 to meet the younger students and review plans for the event. A parent told me their child was looking forward to seeing “his new friend”, his mentor, again.

Buses brought the students to the Wylie Lynch farm located at 9383 Dry Bread Road to see sweet potatoes growing and learn how they are harvested. A pre test and post test was given to both groups to evaluate the exercise.

Lynch left sweet potatoes in the ground and arranged for them to see the crop harvested. Students were given buckets and challenged to see who could gather the most sweet potatoes; who could find the sweet potato that weighed the most and who could find the most unusual sweet potato. The competition was fierce. During the gathering process, I heard the students found sweet potatoes that looked like a dragon, a mushroom, and a hummingbird. You saw students counting out the sweet potatoes under the direction of the mentors.

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