Better Than Santa

When growing up, we all looked forward to Christmas because we hoped and looked forward to presents from Santa Claus. As little ones, we hadn’t the slightest idea of what it cost to have new items on Christmas mornings. As we grew older, we learned that sometimes family situations limited what to expect. When we had children of our own, we really understood the financial investment that it took for that annual visit. We have learned from life’s events that there is a limit to what can and does take place. We are limited not by our love but rather what we can afford.

This year, we are learning that there is something even better than Santa Claus. We are not learning it from economic books and study, but rather from people who are running for president of the United States. Who would have thought that everything could be available to all? Not me, when we had to make hard decisions.

It didn’t start with this year, but it clearly has gotten more and more absurd with those running for president. Consider a decade ago when the idea first arose that healthcare could be free for more and more people. This was occurring as the government was already trying to figure out how to pay for care of the elderly, children, and the poorest.

This year’s crop of candidates are going across the country promising young people that they will pay for their college education or the bills that they have run up. They do this with no explanation of how far back they will look. Will they look back a set number of years? Will they look at the debt that has not yet been paid off? Will they ignore those young people who have worked their way through college and avoided debt? Will they be honest with these young people for whom they are trying to buy their votes and support? The fact is that there is no money to accomplish these promises. The only thing they can do is increase the national debt. What these young people do not seem to understand is that, in the years to come, they, their children, and their grandchildren will be burdened with this promise.

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