Visiting Fort Lee

Happy Sunday evening, Brunswick County.

It’s raining pretty hard tonight but we are comfortable in our dry house. I hope all of you have the same blessing.

I had a unique experience this morning.

I had been invited to speak in a church service at Fort Lee just north of Petersburg. In attendance were about 50 servicemen, dressed in various military uniforms. Some were Air Force, some Marines but most were in the Army or in the National Guard.

All the men were clean shaven and sporting short hair styles. All the men and women were bright-eyed and were grateful to be able to get away from the barracks and sergeants and foul mouthed platoon members, even if it were for just a couple of hours.

Some were married and had left their families behind in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California, Utah and Idaho while they attended advanced training programs at Fort Lee.

I spoke with several of them before the service began and they communicated in a different language. One told me that he was in a 92-J program. Another shared that he had just graduated with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and that now he was in a Bismark program. Others spoke of a 91-S Bravo training.

To read the entire article pick up the Aug. 1, 2018 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.