To the Editor:

The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors public hearing and vote have been scheduled for Wednesday, January 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Lawrenceville. This will be the ultimate decision.

Brunswick County has an opportunity to set a precedent by really assessing the need and fit for a Dollar General in the Ebony, Virginia community. This means looking at the full picture, trade-offs, and alignment with current zoning regulations, the 2037 Comprehensive Plan for Brunswick County as well as the Board of Supervisors Vision for 2035. The opposition position is that Dollar General is NOT NEEDED, NOT A FIT for the location, and there is much data that suggests it will NOT BE a net benefit for Brunswick County.

The unchecked Dollar General proliferation – trending at 20 new stores per week – is well-documented to cause negative side effects that outweigh proposed benefits touted by Dollar General. This is especially true with the expanded focus on rural America – like Ebony!

Every Dollar Store application does not need to be approved! The only way to stop them is through discerning leadership and citizens of the community that consider the whole picture are prepared to say NO for very valid reasons. There may be places where Dollar stores can be as asset - not every 10 miles in every direction - just because the geography may support it.

Brunswick County has a lot of open fields and rural communities where many Dollar Generals can be planted and forever ruining the valued authentic, rural settings and scenic byways of our heritage that the County considers a strategic asset and draw. Do we really want Dollar General stores as the new cash crop? Are we willing to risk the potential negative impacts on the well-being of the community as well as Brunswick County’s treasured heritage; there are many case studies that substantiate these concerns.

Let's set the precedent and be the role model for the rest of rural America! Let's start by saying NO to Dollar General in Ebony.

Please join the opposition to this rezoning request at the January 29 meeting – be present and be heard. This is a defining moment – not only for the Ebony community – but for all of Brunswick County and its future.

These 2 resources have been created for those who are interested in learning more about this issue and why many are up in arms in opposition:

Website at

Facebook (Keep Ebony Country)

Thank you for your attention and consideration to oppose and be heard.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne (Edwards) Hartley

Ebony native and founding

member of Ebony Preservation Group