Grandchildren are a blessing

Hey, Brunswick County!

I hope you've had as great a week as we have. We had 6 of our grandchildren here for us to watch and they made life interesting and fun. They also spread food all over the kitchen, took things apart that we didn't want taken apart, and tracked dirt all over. But, I believe that coming home from work and having 5 little people run to the door to give me hugs and tell me how much they missed me for the past 3 hours makes up for it all.

Still, Cindy and I exercised great faith when we prayed that their parents would get back safely from the 6 day youth conference they were helping with in upstate New York.

Every evening, we gathered the grandchildren, ages 1 to 11, and read from the scriptures, sang hymns and prayed. It made us happy that our grandchildren recognized the names of prophets and apostles. They knew the significance of many of the stories of faith.

I am confident that they know how to pray and why they pray and to whom they pray.

I want the same for every child.

Several weeks ago, I visited the home of a wonderful family that lives a bit east of Brunswick County. They had invited representatives of my Church to visit them and teach them about Jesus. I went along to help. The family had 3 daughters, 2 teenagers, and one pre-teen. In the course of the conversation, I discovered that, not only did these three intelligent, observant girls not know who Noah, Moses and Abraham were, but they also did not know the story of Christmas and Easter.

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