Good afternoon, Brunswick County!

Let's talk about cemeteries.

A great way to start a conversation, for sure.

Two weeks ago, I had a phone conversation with the older brother of my younger brother's wife.

I'm going to pause here for a bit so that you can review the previous sentence.

Ok, you got it?

So my brother's brother-in-law mentioned to me that some of his mother's people were from Brunswick County (He lives in Chester) and that he had found an old family cemetery that was overgrown.

I asked him where it was and he asked me if I had ever heard of Iron Bridge Road. Like most of you who have lived in the county for over 10 years, of course, I had.

Then he proceeded to tell me that the cemetery was to the left of the house that is on the left just after you pass over the Iron Bridge coming from Lawrenceville.

I knew the place. Many years ago, Bill and Maureen Harris lived there and had allowed my older sons to play tennis on the court behind their house.

My brother's wife's brother (We'll call him Scott because that's his name) then asked if Cindy and I would like to join him and his siblings in cleaning up the graves that next Saturday. That sounded fun so we committed and I asked him the names of his ancestors to see if I recognized any of the last names.

I did.

During that next 6 days, I researched the family tree of the Heartwell family in Brunswick County. I checked out Tracy Clary's site, That site had all the folks buried in that family cemetery listed to I searched for them on my favorite Genealogy App, FamilySearch.

To read the entire column pick up the Sept. 25, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.