Weekly Newsletter - November 15, 2019


Bringing broadband Internet to rural parts of the 5th District has been one of my top priorities in Congress.  That is why I am so excited to be an original cosponsor of the Gigabit Opportunity (GO) Act which will increase access to high-speed Internet in Southside Virginia.

The GO Act encourages broadband deployment in rural communities by allowing governors to designate "Gigabit Opportunity Zones," provide tax incentives for companies willing to invest in broadband expansion, and encourage states to adopt a uniform broadband deployment plan to expedite gigabit-capable rollouts across the country. 

The bill also directs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to develop a broadband deployment plan to speed up the rollout of broadband infrastructure across the country. 

One of the challenges that rural broadband has faces is high cost of implementation.  The GO Act will allow companies to immediately expense tax deductions allowing them to bring connectivity quicker and cheaper to our communities.  

This morning, I introduced a motion that would amend the United States Export Finance Agency Act of 2019. My motion would send a strong message to China and empower the U.S. Export Finance Agency to help American consumers and businesses. In its current form, the Export Finance Agency helps facilitate the export of goods from the United States. It does nothing to address Chinese threats and allows Chinese state-owned businesses to benefit from American financing, putting our national security at risk. 

The House Intelligence Committee held hearings on the impeachment of the President this week.  I tweeted a reaction to Tuesday’s hearings:

"Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump since the day he took office. The hearings today have not provided any new evidence of wrongdoing and are purely a political show. It is time for Congress to move past this impeachment obsession and do the people's work."

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