Editor’s note: This letter arrived after the RAM (Remove Area Medical) event but the writer asked for it to run because the message is powerful.

To the Editor:

A couple of months back, I heard a sermon at Mount Calvary Baptist Church called "Acres of Diamonds.” I am still MOVED and inspired by the sermon I heard from Deacon Ed Connor. Ed reminded me (1) with the right motivations, a small church can turn into a college, a hospital, and one of the largest churches in the world and (2) everything we need is RIGHT HERE, acres of diamonds, in our own backyard. I remember the tears falling from my eyes thinking "Southside is definitely a field filled with diamonds" and this RAM experience has proven that statement TRUE!

As you are aware, June 23 & 24, 2018 is our FREE Remote Area Medical (RAM) experience and Sparkey Hearing Foundation is donating our hearing aids. Well, this morning I spoke to a "diamond and audiologist", Cheryl Wray, who said, Sparkey donates top-of-the-line behind the ear hearing aids retail at about 6-8K a pair. What? Really? Are you saying that not only will our clinic receive talented, skillful dentists, doctors, specialists, nurses, and general volunteers donating their time and talent; but GOOD PRODUCTS, too?

Winning as ONE,

Elise M. Brown

Volunteer Coordinator

Serving Southside Virginia

To read the entire letter pick up the June 27, 2018 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.