Eliminating Our Constitution

Just a few years ago, no one would have ever believed that we would destroy our U. S. Constitution. However, in just a couple years, our world has changed. Today, we have many running for Congress with the express purpose of ripping apart our Constitution. Let’s look at a few facts.

George Soros, a European who single handedly successfully manipulated the British currency to make a huge fortune at the cost of all English people and their economy, has decided that his new focus was the United States. He financed community organizers who were the backbone of President Obama’s start in politics and rise to the presidency. His money has been funneled into many organizations with the purpose of disrupting our democracy. We have seen his work all over the country. His organizers and his money were funneled into the New York primary that brought us Congresswomen Alexandria Ortega-Cortez (frequently referred to as AOC). She and her gang of four have spoken often and loudly in opposition to our Constitution. Thanks to the news media, they have pushed the Democrat party far to the left. This in turn has convinced the Democrats running for president that they should move further and further from the center to the far left.

However, that is only one use of money that Soros has chosen to fund. His money has been used to assist created disruptions around the country and internationally. He has funded Occupy Wall Street in New York that was replicated in many cities including Richmond. These Wall Street Occupiers were focused solely on creating anarchy. Likewise, who truly believes that citizens of Central America figured out how to not only get across a thousand miles of Mexico and how to manipulate our immigration laws without a trained staff of Americans coaching them and assisting their travel with limited or no financial resources. If one follows the money trail, you will find that George Soros was involved.

One needs to look no further that our own state borders. Last June, Soros financed the defeat of the Democrat Commonwealth Attorney in Fairfax County because he was upholding the laws of Virginia. Soros contributed over a half million dollars to elect someone with no courtroom experience or desire to prosecute.

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To read the entire column pick up the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.