Hello, Brunswick County. If you are like us, you are looking for some cool dry days. Our fall garden has 3 times as many weeds as desired plants because there hasn’t been 3 dry days in a row so I can get out the Roto tiller.

Our climate here is such a contrast from the California desert where one of our daughters lives with her husband and 3 wonderful children.

We went out there a week ago to visit and to make sure that the 3 and 2 year olds knew who their grandma and grandpa Evans were.

They live about 2 hours north east of Los Angeles. We had tried flying into LA and then renting a car and then finding our way out of that tangled mess of highways and byways. Then we discovered that, we since we always sat in Las Vegas with a layover on our westward journey, it would be cheaper and about 30 minutes faster to rent a car in Vegas and then drive to the desert city of Ridgecrest, where they live. And we would avoid all the traffic and delays.

So, there we were, exiting the airport in Las Vegas, hiking past all the foolish people sitting in front of slot machines. We were anxious to take the shuttle bus to the rental car location so we could get to the grandchildren before they went to sleep.

We had been on the shuttle about 3 minutes when it suddenly stopped. After a few minutes the driver stood up and announced that we would probably not move for a while because President Trump's plane was landing and all traffic around the airport had been stopped for security reasons.

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