Ok, Brunswick County, usually I have unreasonably upbeat and positive things to say but today I'm feeling serious minded.

You see, there is a beloved sister-in-law who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Triple positive cancer.

As I type this, sitting at my desk at the office, she is unconscious in a hospital in Utah, having some very radical surgery. My wife, Cindy, is with her.

The surgeon expects that she will be able to remove all of the cancerous tissue and that Patrice will recover completely. Well, 90% sure. That seems to be really good odds for this kind of cancer.

The bottom line is that none of us know when our time to pass over to the other side will come or how we will go.

Death is a guaranteed part of mortal life. And since it comes to all of us, both the young and the old, the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, we can assume that even though we can postpone or even completely avoid some kinds of death that are life style related (smoking, drinking, immorality, bungee jumping, shoot-outs with police, illegal drugs, some legal drugs that shouldn't be, walking in front of trucks, obesity, abscessed teeth from too much soda and junk food and not brushing, etc) there will be accidents or genetic time bombs or the violent actions of others that could terminate our time on earth at any time.

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