Good morning, Brunswick County!

The entire county is green, the water is warm, summer is here, and I think it's time to go swimming. Like many of you, I grew up swimming all summer long. My brothers and I swam in any body of water we could find; ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, oceans, and community pools.

Here in Southside Virginia, our children have enjoyed the same.

Probably our favorite swimming hole is a small cove to the right of the beach area at North Bend Park on Buggs Island Lake.

But most of the first 20 summers that we lived in Brunswick County we lived in the water at the now closed Elms Acres Pool. Some days, our children would play in that pool all day, eat dinner on the picnic tables there, then take baths in the pool showers. We would have them put on their pajamas before driving home and going to bed.

Elms Acres was a great place to make friends, talk to other parents, and have fun. For those who are a little older, you probably also remember the big cleaning and patching and painting projects we would have every late spring to get that pool ready. Those were fun days.

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