Trade Wars

Much has been written about trade and what will happen in the near future. Some believe that one industry will lose more than another, others believe that it will help, while still others believe it will destroy their business. Believing any of this is based on the theory that any change is bad. It is based on the belief that trade wars are like other wars, one side wins and the other side loses. This does not have to be the case. Maybe all the rhetoric will wake up world leaders to a new and better way of doing business. World trade is important and having this debate is good to have. Some believe that President Trump is leading us to the Taft-Hartley actions of ninety years ago that brought about the Great Depression. Another vision might be that he is opening a new path for the world.

Currently, all nations have tariffs on some products in order to protect their more favored industries and the products they produce. Each country, often for political reasons, wants to maintain the status quo in order to protect certain companies and their employees. Over the years, most other nations have protected more than the United States has. Therefore, the United States now purchases far more from other nations than they buy from us. We must do more to even the playing field that has forced many American businesses to go out of business or shift production overseas to third world countries that pay their workers a fraction of the wages American employers pay and have little or no regard for safety or environmental concerns. In the case of China, there is also the concern of their unwillingness to honor their commitment to honor patents. For these reasons, we have shipped far more American dollars and jobs overseas. President Trump has refused to go along to get along. He has focused on protecting the American worker.

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