For What Should We Be Thankful

Over the last decade or so we have, as a nation, moved away from why Thanksgiving Day was established. Many now are planning that day around shopping on Thursday to get the best deals for the Black Friday shopping weekend. Others are planning the big family meal around football or other sports events. That is the right of each family and their priorities. It does, however, take the next generation one step further away from a tradition of reflecting on that for which we should be most thankful. Considering all the problems that we have as a society today, it seems to me that we should, during these times, make Thanksgiving more focused on prayer and hope rather than less.

Please consider planning now how your family can set aside at least some time Thursday to give your thanks in prayer to all that you have as well as pray for all our future.

Common Sense

Include in that prayer a call for common sense in all our interactions with others, including those in our government. That common sense was what made this nation and state strong.

Recently, someone sent me an email that focused on some of the basic things that we grew up with that define common sense.

Certainly, being able understand that it is good to know when to come in out of the rain is one of those. Likewise, the same could be said about going ahead and getting a job done, often referred to as “the early bird gets the worm”. This phrase was often used when our parents were trying to get us going to get the job done; and the world will notice and reward you. Understanding that it is a positive to admit that sometimes things are your fault and that life is not always fair, so accept it. In your financial dealings, always watch what you are earning and don’t spend more than that.

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