To the Editor:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Brunswick Mayfield Recreational Center (BMRC), please know that we are profoundly grateful for your support of our 36th Annual STEAK-O-RAMA PLUS, 2018. Each of you “made a difference” in the continuing overall effective success of this project. In addition, our heartfelt thanks to each of you for embracing the overall purpose of the BMRC; that of “serving the underserved” and others in our community. You helped to facilitate the overall successful implementation of our various projects and programs.

Again, our deep sense of gratitude to Mr. James Jones and his crew from Jones Electric for the superb job they performed in preparing the food. Many thanks to Mr. Frank Davis and his staff for doing an excellent job in managing the dispensing of the food; to Pecht Distributors for their kind assistance and support; and to Mr. Jim Wood Harrison of WEVA Radio of Emporia (860 AM on your dial) for his par-excellence job in publicizing the 36th Annual STEAK-O-RAMA PLUS, 2018.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, our continuing heartfelt thanks to members of the BMRC's Board of Directors, whose performance in the preplanning and implementation of the STEAK-O-RAMA PLUS, 2018 assured the continuing success of this project. They are “shining stars” in the galaxy of kindness and commitment.

Lest we forget, our overall Mission is for the enhancement, elevation and well-being of our youth; by providing for them a diversity of wholesome activities and experiences. Remembering always, "What we do for our youth, we do for ourselves."

To all we say, "THANK YOU VERY KINDLY."

Robert L Satcher, Sr., Ph D., Chairman


Brunswick Mayfield Recreational Center