To the Editor:

The revived Annual “Family and Friends Day” at Saint Paul's Memorial Chapel (SPMC) was described as being extremely successful and having achieved immense results. The guest speaker for the program was the Honorable former Mayor of Lawrenceville, Mr. William “Bill” Herrington, Esquire. His excellent message was impressively tailored to the theme for the occasion, “Our heritage: The tie that binds.”

He enjoyed the undivided attention of the audience as he masterfully articulated applicable biblical history to illustrate the impact and overall significance of family and friends. Among his examples he referred to the family ties and friendship of biblical characters such as Moses and his brother Aaron; David and Jonathon and Naomi and Ruth.

In introducing the Honorable former Mayor Herrington, Dr. Robert L. Satcher, Sr. stated that the former Mayor has set a “new altitude of performance” for the Mayoral position in Lawrenceville. Further, Dr. Satcher cited several examples of his achievements and the overall positive benefits of his leadership.

The former Mayor was honored with a citation from SPMC that was presented to him by Mrs. Barbara W. Malone, Senior Warden and Dr. Satcher, Junior Warden. The Citation read as follows: “OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD" presented to WILLIAM HERRINGTON, ESQUIRE, Mayor of Lawrenceville, Virginia, 2014-2018 in recognition of your extraordinary leadership, dedicated service and outstanding achievement.”

Mrs. Marian H. Satcher the creator of the theme was also in charge of publicity. The Rev. Fr. Harry Nevels is the Priest in Charge. Dr. Angela M. Parker is the Music Minister,

The SPMC Family is deeply grateful to all program participants, supporters and attendees. A “special thanks” is extended to the members of St. James Episcopal Church of Warfield for their participation and support.

Marian H. Satcher

Saint Paul's Memorial Chapel

Lawrenceville, Virginia