To the Editor:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Greetings. I hope that each and every family has had a productive and safe summer vacation amid the new normal we have experienced during this pandemic.  As a school district, I extend this notification to alert you of information regarding the reopening of the school year.

On July 13, 2020, the BCPS School Board approved the reopening plan for Brunswick County Public Schools, which details the option for parents to choose a hybrid, in-person model or a completely virtual model.  As we embark upon the 2020-21 Academic Year to deliver these two models, we understand the concerns that you as parents are faced with in making a choice about the best options for your child's learning experience and how either model will be implemented in a safe and healthy environment. Our BCPS faculty and staff have taken great lengths since April 2020 to map a plan with guidance from state, local, and district level guidance in accordance with health officials. Our strategic planning team has had input from our own Virginia Department of Health representatives, with the Center of Disease Control guidelines to navigate the plan for reopening in this pandemic.

As we move forward for the reopening and the start of the academic year, August 10, 2020, we will begin our first week of instruction with a “soft start” of a full virtual model. That week will allow everyone an opportunity to address all areas and make sure they are fully operational with technology and deployment of materials. In essence, your student will begin school on August 10, 2020 but do so virtually. Those students who report in the hybrid, in-person model, will report physically the week of August 17, 2020 according to their schedule. Again, all students will begin virtually on August 10, 2020 at their regularly scheduled time.

Please make sure you are aware of these additional key pieces of information:

Registration for Learning Model

If you have not done so already, please complete the survey and provide the details for the learning plan of your choice.  Please also contact the technology department for the hotspot and device pickup/registration by July 31, 2020.

Meal Services 

Our Nutritional Services department will be providing hot meal service and salads each day BCPS schools assigned to the hybrid model will be in physical session.  The Nutritional Services department will also provide meal pick-up service for families whose children opt for the virtual learning model.  That pick-up service will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays to receive breakfasts items and lunch, which would include:  hot meal/salad option served that day and a cold plate/sandwich option to refrigerate for the following day. Thursday pick-up will also provide an extra meal for Monday of the following week. Parents also have the option to pick up meals each day that the school is providing in-person learning.  A form will be provided each week for sign-up and each child must sign for the meals and provide their student identification number to maintain accountability to Virginia Department of Education, School Nutrition Program Guidelines.  

COVID-19 Student and Parent Health Requirements

Our Pupil Personnel department will be providing all families an acknowledgement form in which each child participating in the hybrid model will be required to wear a mask daily.  Details regarding students with medical conditions will be addressed.  These forms will be provided to all parents and guardians to sign and submit back to the school.

Communication Platforms

If you do not have your number updated and/or blocked, please update it by contacting your child’s school to provide the updated information.  Please also make sure that you have full access to our district webpage and your child's school webpage for up-to-date information. Please also follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Pages to ensure you are able to access real-time information.

Parents/Guardians, again we understand the concerns that exist as we walk into this unprecedented model of learning with concerns centered around this virus. We ask that you continue to have faith in our school’s commitment to your child and their safety and that you provide us as much support as you can to make sure we meet the needs and the best interest of a quality education for your child.


Kristy N. Somerville-Midgette, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent

Brunswick County Public Schools