College grad

Lexi Smith first appeared in Dr. D’s column shortly after her birth in 1997. She graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg on Saturday. (Dennis Smith photo)

A Special Graduate

Graduation season is upon us and it is always such a special time for every graduate and his or her loved ones.

This is a special year in my household as daughter Lexi crossed the platform in Harrisonburg on Saturday to earn her Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University.

Some of my long-time readers may remember when Lexi was the star of this column.

I often wrote about the funny things that happened while raising a youngster and the important lessons that she learned and the important lessons that she taught her parents.

When Lexi reached school age, I wrote less about her because I wanted her to enjoy her privacy.

And how quickly the time has passed.

I know I am the Dad but I have to say that the special little girl with the big heart who I liked to write about has turned into a beautiful and caring young woman with a big heart.

She is smart, independent, and loving and has all of the attributes she needs for entering the next phase of her life.

Her Mother and I are extremely proud!

To read the entire column pick up the May 8, 2019 edition of the Brunswick Times-Gazette.