Appreciation expressed

Mayor of Lawrenceville Scott Martin presented a plaque to Wendy Wright, Executive Director, Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of her 10 years of service to the Town of Lawrenceville – July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2022. “The Town of Lawrenceville Expresses Gratitude and Appreciation For Your Loyal Dedication and Unwavering Commitment. Thank You for Your Hard Work, Devotion And Commitment to Excellence.” The presentation was made at the July meeting of the Lawrenceville Town Council. (Sylvia Allen/Brunswick Times-Gazette)

LAWRENCEVILLE – The Lawrenceville Town Council adopted a resolution with the USDA in the amount of $285,000 for a loan for a used pumper truck and equipment for the Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department and a grant for $50,000. Both resolutions are between the Town of Lawrenceville and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

During the citizen comment period Leonard Rose talked about the power of prayer and gave examples of what he believes are healings from prayers. He encouraged everyone to give God the glory for the healings.

Mike Dotti, Executive Director, Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, gave an update on projects and commended the town council for sponsoring the Red, White and Blue storefront decorating project and the Red, White and Blue Parade.

Mayor of Lawrenceville Scott Martin also said the Red, White and Blue Parade was a success and thanked members of council for their help and support. He thanked Kimberly Martin, Special Projects Coordinator, for help with the parade and the storefront-decorating contest.

Martin said the employee luncheon was held and well attended. He thanked Martin for her help in decorating the former Southern States building for the event.

Martin said he and Everette Gibson, Lawrenceville Town Manager, met with Randy Lynch, Director of Public Works, on water sewer matters and with members of the Lawrenceville VFD about plans for the upcoming year.

Dotti gave an update on plants to renovate the former Sledge & Barkley building on North Main Street.

Disbursements totaling $299,398.35 were approved for payment.

Chief Justin Thomas said the Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department participated in the Red, White and Blue Parade and held a bucket drive over the July 4th weekend. He invited members of council to the Lawrenceville VFD Cornhole Tournament to be held July 23, 2022 at Gary Edwards house on Matthews Chapel Road.

Councilman H. B. Brockwell, Jr., Chairman of the Personnel Committee, said the town has an opening in the water department for an operator. He said the town is competing with localities that can offer 30% pay increase.

Councilwoman Alice Talbert said the streets are dirty. Mayor Martin asked if those assigned to community service could pick up litter.

Councilwoman Anne Williams said in South Hill and the Town of Alberta there are signs asking people not to litter and asked if council had considered also putting up similar signs.

Councilman Robbie Pecht said the Brunswick County Litter Control Council is looking into purchasing signs that say “Keep Brunswick beautiful, don’t litter” and other similar signs.

Mayor Martin said James Pritchett is working on the LOVE sign and Martin hopes to have an update soon. He thanked Pritchett for his help with the project.

Councilwoman Teya Whitehead, Chairman, Wellness Committee, thanked Assistant Chief Tasha Brown for participating in a recent article about the importance of knowing your family history. Whitehead provided information about other health issues.

Whitehead the Farmers Market will be held on Fridays starting July 29, 2022 on North Main Street and she provided a template of the design. Growers will be invited to participate at no charge.

Brockwell called attention to the Sonny Wholey Memorial Park located behind courthouse-square and the condition of the grandstand. He said the park is an important part of the town’s history and should be preserved. Brockwell said he has asked those affiliated with the park to provide information on the cost to make the much-needed repairs. He said it would be a great loss to the town if the repairs aren’t made and the grandstand continues to decay.

The Lawrenceville Town Council meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Lawrenceville Municipal Building, 400 North Main Street. For more information call (434) 848-2414 or visit