RICHMOND - GRASP (Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc.), a non-profit, college and career access organization, headquartered in Richmond, recently awarded 50 College Success scholarships totaling $102,000 to college students participating in GRASP’s College Success program.  This program seeks to increase the college graduation rate for GRASP students and scholarship recipients by: 1) helping them re-file financial aid and scholarship forms each year, 2) providing valuable tips regarding internships and summer jobs, 3) acting as a liaison between the college financial aid offices and the students, should a problem arise, and 4) awarding scholarships for those students with unmet financial need who attend Virginia colleges or technical programs.

GRASP’s goal is to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity for continuing education after high school, regardless of financial or social circumstances.  Students begin working with GRASP advisors in high school regarding the financial aid process for post-secondary education whether that is technical school, community college or a four-year university.  High school GRASP advisors now serve students and families in 89 Virginia high schools, from the greater Richmond area to Highland County in the west, to Lancaster County in the east, and to Mecklenburg County in the south.  The highly trained GRASP advisors are adept at navigating the maze of the college and post-secondary education financial aid process.  They also have a passion for expanding students’ opportunities to learn.  High school GRASP advisors typically assist more than 8,000 students and their families, individually, in developing post-secondary education game plans each year.  After high school, students may opt to participate in the GRASP College Success program throughout their college years.

GRASP programs and scholarships are made possible by generous donor support year after year.  The GRASP College Success scholarships are awarded to students who are participating in the GRASP College Success program which provides support for GRASP students currently attending college.

GRASP salutes the 2021 scholarship recipients.  All have learned about the importance of continuing their education as the next step for their future successes.  This year, due to limitations because of COVID-19, GRASP provided “GRASP Scholarship Recipient” yard signs to students in lieu of the celebratory luncheon typically held for GRASP College Success scholarship recipients each year. 

GRASP was co-founded in 1983 by Senator Walter Stosch and Dr. Ray Gargiulo.  More information about GRASP is available at the website,