LAWRENCEVILLE – At the August meeting the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors approved an amendment to the Dominion Virginia Power Generating Plant Water and Wastewater Agreement dated Aug. 31, 2012 that was signed by four parties – Dominion Virginia Power, the Town of Lawrenceville, the Brunswick County IDA and Brunswick County.

Interim County Administrator Leslie Weddington provided information on the amendment. The Original Agreement was entered into because Dominion Power was planning on constructing its natural gas power plant on Route 58 and wanted an agreement assuring that it would receive needed water and sewer services.

“In the Original Agreement, the Town and the IDA agreed to provide certain amounts of water and sewer services to Dominion, and the Town agreed to expand the capacity of its water system, and to expand its sewer system capacity if needed, in order to provide for Dominion’s needs. Section 6.4.2 and 6.5.2 of the agreement govern the rates to be paid by Dominion, basically the Town’s ‘out-of-town’ user rate discounted by 20% (out of town rates are higher than in-town rates). In the First Amendment, Dominion agrees to reduce the discount to 10% from 20% - in other words Dominion agrees to pay more. This First Amendment does not involve any other business or citizen in the County – the increase is only for Dominion.

“The Original Agreement requires that any amendment be agreed upon by all of the parties of the Original Agreement.

“In sum, because the County is a part to the Original Agreement, the First Amendment in which Dominion agrees to pay higher rates for water and sewer services requires approval by the Board of Supervisors,” Weddington stated.