Pair of Ospreys returns to nest.

The pair of Ospreys that nested in the Ebony area last year returned to their nesting box this past March and have raised one fledgling (offspring). The nesting box was installed by employees of Mecklenburg Electric Co-operative in March 2020 to keep the pair from building their nest on an electric distribution line pole. In the summer of 2020, they raised one juvenile osprey and after flying to South America for the winter, the pair returned to the same box again this year. In the photo the adult ospreys are shown with the fledgling that is almost ready to fly from the nest. The adults have been trying to coax the younger osprey to fly from the nesting box, which should occur within the next week. This fall they will all fly south, with the juvenile osprey not returning for up to two years, however the adult pair will return next March to nest again. (Bobby Conner photo)