Hears from Brunswick Farms to Families

ALBERTA – The Alberta Town Council wants to make improvements to the Old Fire Hall located next to the Alberta Town Office and is soliciting bids for the work. Council would like to see the facility equipped to be an emergency shelter and the improvements will include upgrades to the electrical system and plumbing.

Councilman Anthony Taylor said he would like the improvements to include a generator.

Acting Mayor Rebecca Spengler suggested council prioritize the improvements that might include showers in the future. She said the recent ice storm caused major power outages and she would like the Old Fire Hall to be a refuge for the citizens.

During the citizen comment period moved to the beginning of the meeting Armenta Stamps thanked the town office for their help with a stray dog. She said everyone was so helpful.

Bernard Jones, Chairman, Brunswick Farms to Families, provided information about the organization in partnership with Virginia State University adding park benches, trash cans and tables to the Tobacco Heritage Trail. There will be no cost to the town. He will provide more information at a later date. Council expressed its appreciation for the improvements to the trail.

Disbursements totaling $19,643.86 were approved.

Council has been concerned about residents not knowing of events, especially the residents who don’t have access to the Internet or Facebook. She said there is money in the budget to send black and white postcards. Spengler said council could see what the response was. Council discussed purchasing a color printer. Water bills are sent from the Town of Lawrenceville. Council voted to send the postcards.

Sarah Brewer, Clerk, said the Internet serving the town office is very slow. Council voted to increase the amount of money spent monthly on Internet to upgrade the service.

Beth Crowder said there has been little interest in people attending the Caboose Committee meetings. Spengler suggested and council agreed to skip meetings for a couple of months and resume in the spring.

Councilman Richard Ozmore suggested residents put a ribbon on lights in the town that are not working. He also provided prices on council purchasing an A frame ladder and a garden hose. Ozmore said both items are needed and will be used around town and on the Tobacco Heritage Trail.

The Alberta Town Council meets the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. For more information call the Alberta Town Office at (434) 949-7443 or email at clerkofalberta@albertava.com. The office is located at 136 West 1st Avenue, Alberta, Virginia 23821 in the Old Firehouse.