Supervisors form Repurpose Committee.

LAWRENCEVILLE – Dr. Kristy Somerville Midgette, Division Superintendent, presented the Brunswick County Public Schools FY21 expenditure and revenue report to the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors.

Dr. Midgette said as of July 30, 2021 BCPS has expended $21,332,611.70 from the categorical budget and received a total of $20,157,382.52 in revenues. She said the FY21 summary will continue to change as expenditures and revenues are accrued.

FY21 Carryover Funds - The Supervisors approved a transfer totaling $435,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund to the FY22 Budget to cover some immediate operations department needs such as a roof repair, HVAC repairs and transportation needs.

Dr. Midgette said, “Due to low fuel costs with the varying structures of the 2020-2021 academic year, the division was able to handle several of those requests within the General Operational Budget. Therefore, we do not need to transfer of the $435,000 to the FY21 budget; however, we are requesting the transfer to the FY22 budget. This will cover the cost of the roof project that began in August and the additional vehicles we requested last year. While we were able to complete several of the items, unfortunately, due to COVID many supplies such as the roofing materials and some county vehicles were not in place and therefore could not be encumbered by the close of FY21. BCPS is requesting the Board of Supervisors to approve the transfer of these FY21 funds to FY22 so that we can complete the repair and purchases,” Dr. Midgette stated.

The Supervisors approved a FY21 Cafeteria Appropriation of Fund Balance totaling $157,079.12 due to COVID-19.

Dr. Midgette said revenues (per Bright) were $709,494.02; revenue accruals (at July 31, 2021) were $47,756.49; expenditures (per Bright) were $914,329.63; difference (needed from fund balance) is $157,079.12.

Supervisor Dr. Barbara Jarrett Harris, Chair, recommended that the supervisors form a committee to monitor the closing of existing schools in preparation for building a new facility that will house students Pre-K through grade 8. The new school will be built on property the county owns on Planters Road. Supervisor John Zubrod agreed saying the supervisors are responsible to residents and are held accountable for the purse strings. Dr. Harris and Supervisor Dr. Alfonzo Seward will serve on the committee. Zubrod said this is a large school project and the supervisors should begin now to think about new purposes for Totaro Elementary School, J. S. Russell Middle School, Meherrin-Powellton Elementary School and Red Oak-Sturgeon Elementary School.