The County of Brunswick, Town of Lawrenceville and Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) established the Saint Paul’s Task Force (Task Force) to explore the future of Saint Paul’s College. According to information provided County Administrator Charlette T. Woolridge, Ph.D., the Task Force procured the services of Sanford Holshouser Economic Development Consulting, in collaboration with Hill Studios, to determine the potential re-uses of Saint Paul’s College campus (site and buildings) and to evaluate if the real assets on campus are in condition that will lend themselves to re-use, investment and acquisition for the future. The total cost of the study was $39,000. Each Task Force entity is responsible for $13,000 respectively.

The study identified six reuse ideas:

The Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems (UAS) - (Unmanned Systems/Drones)

The Virginia Wood Products Center

Education/Workforce/Corporate Training and Research Facilities: Data Center Sector

Education/Workforce/Corporate Training and Research Facilities: Supply Chain Sector

African American/Saint Paul’s Connection

Hotel/Hospitality, Café and Conference/Exhibit Area

Furthermore, Hill Studios conducted an initial-level examination of the site using several techniques ranging from a campus visit where most buildings were assessed from the exterior and some on the interior. Visual assessment included the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) in order to view the condition of some buildings’ roofs. In addition, geographic data was considered. An overall conceptual plan was developed to show proposed future uses of the campus.

The next step is for Sanford Holshouser Economic Development Consulting to conduct key soft cost projects required to make informed decisions on securing the property, create a schedule and pathway for accomplishing projects in developing and promoting the property, and define a variety of funding sources for the reuse related projects on behalf of the Saint Paul’s Reuse Committee and the organizations they represent. This phase of the study will be completed within 45 days. The total cost of said services is $11,760. Each Task Force entity is responsible for $3,920 respectively.