LAWRENCEVILLE – The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two cases of assault and battery of a family member.

Captain Brad Evans said Anne R. Smith, 77, from Lawrenceville and Breanna Elizabeth Smith, 20, also from Lawrenceville are charged.

On Sept. 29, 2021 Deputy D. G. Peacock responded to a residence on Dry Bread Road for a report of a disturbance. While en route dispatch advised that the reporting party alleged that they were on scene to retrieve a vehicle but that threats were being made toward them. Dispatch also advised that they could hear a female subject making threats and cursing at the reporting party. Both subjects had signs of physical assault.

Both subjects were transported to the Meherrin River Regional Jail and warrants were obtained as well as emergency protective orders. Body worn camera footage was taken.

James Arness Rutherford, 57, from Alberta is charged with assault and battery of a family member on Sept. 27, 2021.

Evans said Deputy A. W. Connell responded to Brunswick Drive in the Alberta area for a report of a domestic incident. The reporting party said Rutherford was tearing up her sister’s lawnmower. Connell noticed the lawnmower in the front yard with damage. The caller said that Rutherford was highly intoxicated and when she told him to stop he pushed her down to the ground. The victim’s right forearm was cut and bleeding and she had a bruise on her left side. She said when she called 911 Rutherford took off on his Moped. The victim said she had been dating Rutherford for about 5 years and they live in the same house with her sister and her sister’s husband. Rutherford could not be located at first but later turned himself in at the Meherrin River Regional Jail. A domestic assault warrant was issued and he was held on no bond.

In other matters, Christopher Michael Conto, 18, from Ivor, Virginia is charged with reckless driving – speeding 20 mph over the limit.

Evans said Deputy T. Harding was operating stationary radar on Governor Harrison Parkway in the 6000 block facing westbound when a blue sedan approached at a high rate of speed. Harding noticed that the vehicle was rapidly approaching his location and was about to pass the vehicle in the right lane. The radar gave an audible tone and a visual readout consistent of 111 mph. The vehicle continued westbound and increased to a speed of 120 mph.

Harding initiated a traffic stop and found Conto to be the operator and sole occupant of the vehicle. He stated that he was coming down the hill and when he saw Harding he noticed he was over 100 mph. Conto was placed under arrest for reckless driving and taken before the magistrate. He was released on a summons with an advisement date for the following week. His vehicle was towed by Ricky’s.