Uses litter grant funds for Spring Clean Up Week

ALBERTA – On the recommendation of the Administrative & Finance/Economic Development Committee the Alberta Town Council voted to organize an open orchard to bring people together and to provide free fruits and vegetables.

Councilman Anthony Taylor said the Southern Virginia Community College is supporting three challenges. The other two are bee friendly farming and a pollinator partnership.

Council discussed the specifics for the project and all agreed that providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the community would be beneficial. Councilwoman Rebecca Spengler, Vice Mayor, said one issue to consider is that the Alberta Town Square does not have water that is needed for the project.

Council voted to use Litter Grant funds totaling $858.10 to rent a shred truck for Spring Clean Up Week and to rent a dump trailer.

In other matter, Mayor Curt Williams said council received a letter from a resident complaining about number of abandoned vehicles within the town limits. The resident also complained about the amount of debris on some properties. Officer Michael Brown with the Alberta Police Department said the town has an ordinance in place to deal with the abandoned vehicles and the first step is to send a letter to the owner. He said a second letter and third letter are sent.

Regarding debris Brown said that council sponsoring clean up week would be a positive step. Spengler mentioned that in some cases the property owner may not be able to remove the debris and the community could offer help.

Stray dogs within the town limits are a continuing problem. Brown said many of the dogs are not tagged making it difficult to determine the owner.

Spengler said she met with Deborah Gosney with the Southside Planning District Commission and they discussed possible grant opportunities. Spengler mentioned council’s plans to make improvements to the Old Fire House, including adding a generator. She said council was asked to prepare a list of projects so Gosney can research potential grants. Spengler plans to meet quarterly with Gosney.

Taylor said work on the town’s website is continuing and new photos are being added.

Spengler said she is working on having Alberta designated as a testing site for COVID and as a drop off site. Both would be beneficial to Alberta residents.

The Special Events Committee is working on organizing an event on Saturday, July 3, 2021 that might include a car show. Council voted to allocate $500 for the event. No time was set and more information will be provided at a later date. 
Bills totaling $2,907.06 were approved.

After closed session council voted to raise the Clerk’s hourly rate by $3.50 and to re-evaluate any future raise in six months.

Council voted to raise the hourly rate of the maintenance worker by $1.50 and to re-evaluate any future raise in six months.

Alberta Town Council meets the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. For more information call the Alberta Town Office at (434) 949-7443 or email at The office is located at 136 West 1st Avenue, Alberta, Virginia 23821 in the Old Firehouse.