LAWRENCEVILLE – The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors approved a lease agreement with Scotts Miracle Grow Company (Hyponex Corporation) for property located in the Brunswick County Industrial Park. The supervisors held a public hearing on the proposed lease on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021 and no one spoke in opposition.

Prior to the vote, Alfreda Jarrett Reynolds, Director of Economic Development, said the Brunswick County Department of Economic Development is working to fulfill the Board’s 2035 Vision for Economic Development and in that effort the importance of the growth and expansion of existing business is just as vital as the attraction and growth of new businesses.

“We are excited to provide resources and supports to our existing businesses as they serve as an asset to our community. We are in negotiations with the Scotts Miracle Grown Company here in Brunswick County. We are working with them to provide a lease opportunity for the Fiberright building located at 853 Industrial Park Drive in Lawrenceville. We have recently replaced the roof on the approximately 40,000 square foot warehouse portion of this building and currently, the floor is also being repaired. Both of these projects have been funded in part by funds from the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission. We are very excited that a local business has expressed interest in leasing this property. Scotts Miracle Grow Company is looking to increase production and the lease of this property will enable them to do this,” Reynolds stated.

Reynolds said that the Scotts Company here in Lawrenceville is one of the largest production facilities with their corporation. During the height of their production season, they supply upwards of 140 tractor-trailer trucks daily with mulch and potting soil for transport up and down the East Coast and one of the largest suppliers is COSTCO.

“It is exciting to understand the economic reach of businesses here in Brunswick County and we are proud to support their efforts. We are the Location of Choice the Gold Standard in Business, Leisure, Family, and Education,” Reynolds said.

For more information call the county administrator’s office at (434) 848-3107.