To the Editor:

I have never been as insulted in the years of my life as I was yesterday by an employee of the Brunswick Times-Gazette. I live on and own a farm in Brunswick County that is a part of Brunswick County history, over 100 years old. I have been asked for the history of the farm.

In the beginning it was owned and operated by my grandparents who lived to be in their nineties. My dad owned and operated the farm of 200+ acres as long as he was able. He would have been 112 years old this past St. Patrick’s Day.

I was refused a subscription of the Brunswick Times-Gazette, which I have been a customer in the past years, because I do not have Internet service with a number in my home by choice!

I left the public workplace after I lost my husband, because of added responsibility at home.

I am a member of the Brunswick Homemakers Club, Town and Country Garden Club. One of our services is to help beautify the Town of Lawrenceville by making fresh Christmas wreaths for the town square at our own cost and labor. I have been a member of the voter workplace for over 15 years. My life has been lived in service to Brunswick County residents in any way I could.

I will not use someone else’s service numbers to acquire a service which should be available to all citizens at the same cost and in the same manner. I am sure I am not the only person in Brunswick County who does not choose to have office equipment to just sit and collect dust.

Ms. Loretta Allen