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Representatives from the Saint Paul’s College alumni group-SPC4LIFE joined with Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax on Thursday, November 12, 2020 to strategize on the rebirth of Saint Paul’s College (SPC): Belinda Astrop, Bernard Coles, Eric Williams, Michael Futrell, Michelle Clark, Virginia Pettis, Chris Stephenson. David Denny and Karen Wright. (Kevin Stephenson photo) Watch for more photos about the Lieutenant Governor’s visit in the Nov. 25, 2020 edition.

Representatives from the Saint Paul’s College alumni group-SPC4LIFE joined with Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax on Thursday, November 12, 2020 to strategize on the rebirth of Saint Paul’s College (SPC). The meeting took place at the Brunswick County Conference Center (formerly the Saint Paul’s College Student Union) which included a tour of the facility and the James Solomon Russell-Saint Paul’s College Museum and Archives, as well as the campus itself.

Established in February 2020, SPC4LIFE is a dedicated and growing network of alumni, friends, investors and business partners looking to rebuild the college. SPC alumnus, Chris Stephenson, states, “We are committed to re-establishing the college to provide a quality education to the workforce of the future and help revitalize the greater south central Virginia region. As we are strategically planning, we are committed to three main tenets- transparency, humility, and unity. We believe that through innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, workforce and community development, SPC can come back stronger than it was before.”

Mr. Stephenson continues, “We greatly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with Lieutenant Governor Fairfax and his team to capitalize on the momentum that SPC4LIFE has experienced in a few short months. SPC4LIFE shares a common belief that unity and collaboration builds a stronger community. This meeting was an excellent way for us to connect with the state’s leaders and learn how we can accomplish our goals.”

SPC4LIFE has a strategic vision for the reopening of Saint Paul’s College that includes a variety of programs targeted for the greater Southside Virginia area, such as business entrepreneurial opportunities and professional certifications in cybersecurity, networking, etc. Short-term goals include programs in minority outreach, medical administration, wood products, etc. leading into fully accredited, four-year degree programs.

Today, graduates of Saint Paul’s College have contributed in the public sector and private industry through business, education, financial services, insurance, community development, non-profit organizations, clergy, and many more. Many have served in dual careers, as teachers, coaches, mentors and civic responsibilities. Graduates of Saint Paul’s have completed extensive careers in state and federal government and brought their expertise to their communities to continue to build and empower.

Saint Paul’s College experience has shaped generations and many graduates have now had the ability to share their education and resources to pave the way for future generations to attend and graduate from college. Saint Paul’s College is the bedrock and foundation that upheld thousands of students who are now parents and leaders throughout the United States and beyond.

Saint Paul’s College offered Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Command) Classes and Army ROTC Scholarships. This helped many students to gain valuable leadership skills and discipline as cadets. Students who completed Army ROTC have continued as leaders in their chosen professions. Today, Saint Paul’s College can count career military officers and veterans as a part of their history.

Saint Paul’s College closed in 2013. It was a fully accredited institution that produced many graduates that excelled in the fields of education, business and the sciences. Although too many to name, Saint Paul’s alumni includes notables such as jazz great Billy Eckstine, NFL cornerback Greg Toler, and former State Representative Barbara Boyd (OH). Learn more about SPC4Life at spc4life.org.