James C. Haygoo

LAWRENCEVILLE – James C. Haygood, 53, from Durham, N.C. is charged with possession of a schedule I, II controlled substance and giving false information to law enforcement on Oct. 3, 2020.

Captain Brad Evans with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said around 1:08 a.m. Deputy A. D. Peter was on patrol and checked a vehicle on Interstate 85 traveling 81 mph in a 70 mph zone. The vehicle exited onto Boydton Plank Road and Peter conducted a traffic stop. Peter asked for his driver’s license and registration. The driver stated he did not have a driver’s license with him. As the subject looked for the registration his hands were trembling. The driver gave the name of James Corneillus and date of birth as April 25, 1960. Peter asked for his social security number and he stated he did not know. Peter asked the driver other questions. Dispatch ran the information in Virginia and North Carolina and were unsuccessful. The driver said he was driving suspended and that his name was James Haygood who was suspended in Maryland.

Peter asked for assistance for a possible vehicle search. Sergeant Medlin arrived and Peter issued a summons for no valid license. The vehicle was searched and in the center console Peter located a silver pipe with burn marks on the end with steel wool shoved inside. He also located several hypodermic needles and a tourniquet. Haygood stated he was diabetic and used the tourniquet for insulin. Haygood told Medlin that he smoked crack in Richmond around 10 a.m. that morning. Haygood was arrested for the crack pipe and giving false information to law enforcement. He was held on no bond.

In other matters, Russell Scott Coleman, 56, from Rawlings is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol on Oct. 2, 2020 and driving on a suspended/revoked license first offense.

Evans said Sergeant W. V. Smith was pulling into the Warfield Post Office when he saw a blue Dodge Dakota sitting at the stop sign at the adjacent intersection. He recognized the driver and that he may be suspended. The truck had farm tags and Smith felt sure Coleman did not own a farm. Smith initiated a traffic stop. Coleman got out of the driver’s door and started back towards Smith. He was very unsteady on his feet, his voice was slurred and he had a busted nose with dried blood. Smith asked for his license and he handed Smith an old license. Smith asked if he was suspended and Coleman said he just hadn’t gotten his license back. Smith ran the information with dispatch and the license came back as revoked. Smith asked Coleman how much he had to drink and he stated a couple of beers. While talking with him Smith tried to get him to say his alphabet from A to R but he wouldn’t. He refused a preliminary breath test. Coleman was placed under arrest for DUI and driving revoked. He was transported to the Meherrin River Regional Jail and a test showed a .17 BAC.

Dylan Kuper Steward, 19, from Baldwin, N.Y. is charged with failure to obey highway sign, reckless driving, speeding; reckless on a parking lot and eluding police on Oct. 1, 2020.

Evans said Deputy A. W. Connell was working stationary radar on Interstate 85 at mile marker 31 and saw a four door Kia traveling at a high rate of speed, checked at 111 mph in a 70 mph zone. He initiated a traffic stop but the vehicle did not slow down. Steward was in the left lane passing traffic as he veered across the right lane and took the rest area exit at approximately 80 mph. Connell lost sight of the car for a few seconds. When he entered the rest area he saw that the car did not pull off where the cars were suppose to park. Connell proceeded to the back of the rest area where only semi-trucks are supposed to park. Connell finally located the vehicle and identified the driver as Dylan Steward. Connell asked Steward to exit the vehicle and restrained him and placed him in the patrol car. There were four other passengers in the vehicle, three young adults and one juvenile, 16 years of age. Connell asked Steward why he was driving so fast and he said he was trying to get back home. Steward gave permission to search the vehicle and nothing was found. Connell transported Steward to the magistrate’s office and warrants were issued. He was held on a $5,000 secured bond.

Lester Lee Weaver, 59, from Lawrenceville is charged with public intoxication on Oct. 5, 2020.

Evans said Deputy H. Stith responded to the Slip-In gas station at 16234 Christanna Highway, Lawrenceville, in reference to a suspicious person. The caller stated a black male, later identified as Weaver, was in the store saying someone was after him. The caller stated Weaver was possibly intoxicated.

Stith could smell a strong presence of alcoholic beverage coming from his person, his speech was slurred and he was staggering on his feet. Weaver was arrested and taken to the Meherrin River Regional Jail with no further incident. The preliminary breath test showed .17 BAC.