LAWRENCEVILLE – Buddy Hyde, Emergency Services Coordinator, provided the latest information on COVID-19.

”We are fortunate to have less active COVID-19 cases than our neighboring counties. Today (Oct. 5, 2021), VDH reports that we currently have 24 COVID positive cases in our county. Brunswick County was recently commended by Virginia Department of Health (VDH) for keeping lower numbers of COVID-19 infection than many other Southside Virginia areas. Some of the reasons for our numbers being lower than most were our population density across a large geographical area, excellent infection control and mitigation measures by our county schools, excellent infection control and vaccination actions by our correctional facilities, and excellent infection control measures at our single long-term care (LTC) facility - Envoy. In addition to all of this continued work over the past 18 months, other positive factors that have kept our cases lower include our inventory management and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by our county agencies and being proactive by hosting the weekly vaccination clinics at the Brunswick Conference Center since December 30, 2020. It truly has been a team effort by all of our agencies and businesses to keep our Brunswick County citizens safe and the proof is showing in our daily case statistics.”

Listed below is a summary of local and regional information from VDH.

Level of Community Transmission: Danville City –High, Pittsylvania County – High, Brunswick County – High, Halifax County – High and Mecklenburg County – High.

COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough (1/17/2021-9/25/2021)

Infections - 27,318, Hospitalizations - 1,061, Deaths – 273

COVID-19 Case Data:

Case numbers for the Districts as of 5 p.m. on Oct. 4, 2021: PDHD:  13,492 cases, (Danville - 5,931, Pittsylvania - 7,561) 680 hospitalized, 276 deaths, (Danville - 175   Pittsylvania- 101) 98,432, PCR Tested (All tests 159,917) 17.0%   7-day Positivity Rate -PCR Only  (All 16.4%); SSHD:   8,524   cases (Brunswick - 1,720    Halifax- 3,620   Mecklenburg - 3,184 ) 322  hospitalized, 206 deaths, (Brunswick - 30     Halifax – 99, Mecklenburg - 77), 90,066   PCR Tested (All tests 135,343), 11.0%   7-day Positivity Rate -PCR only (All 10.5%)

Commonwealth Totals: 877,090 Cases (suspect typo on dashboard last week for losing 39,000 cases), 36,913   Hospitalizations, 12,908  Deaths, 9,396,813   PCR Tested (All testing 12,964,075), 8.5%   7-day Positivity Rate -PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Only (All 8.8%)

Outbreaks: 4,611 in Virginia, 67 in PDHD, 44 in SSHD

Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C): 88 cases in Virginia 4 cases in Pittsylvania-Danville and 2 cases in Southside

Virginia Vaccine Summary: (There is a lag in data reporting.)

Report as of 5 p.m. on Oct. 4, 2021: Total Doses of vaccine received: 12,259,915, Vaccinated with at least One Dose – 5,803,367, Fully Vaccinated: 5,168,716, Total doses administered: 10,609,562, Federal doses administered: 604,149

PDSS Doses Administered: At least one Dose: Danville 20,846, Pittsylvania 29,322, Halifax 17,936, Mecklenburg 15,893, Brunswick 8,018

Fully Vaccinated:  Danville 17,774, Pittsylvania 25,676, Halifax 15,818, Mecklenburg 14,382, Brunswick 7,051

For more information call the county administrator’s office at (434) 848-3107.