Hayes takes Mayor of Alberta post

LAWRENCEVILLE – LaWanda Vincent Tatum was elected Mayor of Lawrenceville with 159 votes and incumbent Mayor Scott E. Martin received 115 votes. There were 2 write in votes.

General Registrar David Clary provided the unofficial totals. In the Lawrenceville Town Council race Alice B. Talbert received 92 votes in District 1. There were 5 write in votes. Henry B. “Buck”Brockwell. Jr. received 93 votes and Teya J. Whitehead received 110 votes in District 2. There were 3 write in votes.

Robert W. Hayes, Sr. was elected Mayor of Alberta receiving 47 votes. Sarah A. Brown received 25 votes and Elizabeth A. Crowder received 35 votes. There were 3 write in votes.

In the Alberta Town Council race Rebecca L. Spengler received 62 votes, Elena Scalzi received 39 votes, Francis P. “Freida Weddington received 69 votes and there were 35 write in votes.

At the state level A. Donald McEachin received 2,782 votes for the House of Representatives – District 4 and Leon Benjamin, S. received 2,437 votes. There were 5 write in votes.

Watch for the official totals in the Nov. 16, 2022 edition of the Brunswick Time-Gazette.