Roadside Angels

Good afternoon, Brunswick County!

These 45 degree, sunny January days have been nice. We probably should try to enjoy them more being as we have had some years where we don't get much of a Spring.

In fact, this may be Spring now! I noticed daffodils coming up this morning.

Two days ago, just to hedge my bets, I went ahead and planted some seeds inside, in a tray of potting soil. Nothing dramatic, just some spinach, green peppers, and cucumbers.

I know, I know, it's way too early, but the seeds were from last year, the potting soil was in the garage, and now I feel better.

It's just good to be prepared.

And then there are times where great preparation is not enough and the Lord sends Roadside Angels.

I'm sure that all of you have similar stories from your family that you could share but here are some of mine.

Two days ago, one of my nieces, eight months pregnant, was driving to her doctor's appointment, with her little daughter in a car seat ,when she got a flat tire. She was in a sketchy part of the city where she and her husband live. She knew she couldn't get on her knees and get the lug nuts loose. Her husband was at work a half hour away. She was going to be late for her appointment.

As she stood by her car looking despondent, a car pulled up behind her and a teen-aged boy got out. He offered to help. The tire would not budge. Kylie's husband was on his way but some rough looking characters were gathered down the street. The young man suggested she get in the car and that he would stand outside and protect her until Lant arrived. He was a Heaven sent Roadside Angel.

Story #2. Over a decade ago, Cindy and I had driven our children out to a Webb family reunion in Utah in our 15 passenger van. After a week, I had flown home to take of dental patients and she and the children had stayed out for another two weeks. One day, while driving out in the middle of the desert, they had pulled off to the side of the road to serve lunch and take care of diapers. As the car started back onto the highway, the back wheels began to spin and dig down into the soft desert sand. Soon, one of the tires was half way down.

Our older boys got out and tried to push.

This was before the days of cell phones.

There were no houses or other cars in sight.

And so they prayed.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the window. An elderly Navajo man offered to help.

He had come out of nowhere.

On his hands and knees he dug out a slant for the tire to come out. He gathered sagebrush and sticks and put them around the tire.

Then he pushed as the van escaped and was on its way.

He accepted the thanks of all and then walked in the opposite direction with a smile.

A Roadside Angel, for sure.

There are more stories of truckers stopping to help a daughter with a flat tire, a kind Brunswickian offering to take me to get gas when my gas gauge failed to register empty, and people offering their phones to make calls.

There have been several times over the 36 years of living in Brunswick County when I have had a car in the shop and chose to just walk home from the shop or from work and have had dozens of folks in a two mile stretch slow down or stop to offer a ride.

They may not have know it but, even though I didn't accept the offer, they were Roadside Angels.

In fact, come to think of it, every single person in Brunswick County might be a Roadside Angel.

That's a cool thought.

A whole county populated by Angels!

Why not?

I wonder if Covid has messed up the Angel business....I hope not.

Well, gotta go check on my seeds. It's a well know fact that seeds, unlike boiling pots (but like children) do not grow properly unless they are watched.

See you next time!