Hey, Brunswick County!

Happy winter to you.

We enjoyed the “Brunswick Blizzard of 2021” last week when the snow was so thick that you could actually see it for a few minutes. Two hours west of us, our grandchildren got enough accumulation that they were able to make snowmen. Of course, the snowpeople were only about 2 inches tall but they still had fun and posted pictures.

Their Utah and Idaho cousins, some of whom have had several inches on the ground for weeks scoffed, but wished they could be out riding their bikes and enjoying balmy 55 degree temperatures.

The reality is that folks pray for snow in Utah and Idaho.

When we were out there a few weeks ago tending aging parents, the TV weather forecasters would give the prospects for snow in the mountains and would conclude with “As you can see, we really need a lot more snow!”

You might ask, “Why not pray for decent weather?”

Well, in the Rocky Mountains, if there is not a goodly amount of snow in the higher elevations each winter, there will not be enough snow melt runoff in the rivers and creeks of the valleys for crop irrigation, lawns, and residential use.

Droughts have hit the mountain west regularly.

And so, when it's January and the mountains are showing brown and gray spots, the people pray. They pray for snow in their churches. They pray as families. And they talk about it in grocery check-out lines, over social media, and across neighborhood fences.

While we Brunswickians are talking about flooding or late frosts or temperatures in the 20's for three nights in a row, they are talking about the snow reservoir levels.

I guess folks on the ocean coasts, and in the Mid-west, and along great waterways (not that the Meherrin and the Nottoway and Lake Gaston aren't also great waterways) all have their own local topics of concern like tides, and riverbanks and tornadoes.

Overall, it seems like we live in a pretty blessed area of the world. Yes, there is the occasional hurricane, the rare dry spell, and infrequent very late cold snap but, when you really stop to think of it, it's easy to see what a great place we live in.

The land is rich. The natural resources are perfect.

All that is needed is sweat to reap a great harvest.

And one more thing, the ability to be content with enough.