Hey, Brunswick County!

Do you have enough leaves to rake? I think that if leaves were marketable, this year Brunswick County would be “raking in the cash” by the truck load.

Cindy and I feel like we have been getting a good daily workout with our bumper crop of leaves this Fall as we wait patiently for Covid to slow down enough for us to get permission to go to Japan.

Speaking of Japan, lately I've been trying to understand Japanese culture better by studying Japanese history. Last week I started reading a book that describes the occupation of Japan by Allied troops after the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII.

From the different accounts, it seems that the Japanese people calmly accepted defeat, and occupation, by foreign troops without organized guerrilla attacks or private resistance. Given their almost diabolical behavior during the war, how did they switch to a peace loving country so quickly, I wondered.

This book analyzed that question for me and determined that, as a whole, the people of Japan respect authority.

If the emperor said to attack China and be ruthless, they did it.

If the generals and admirals said to attack Pearl Harbor, they did it.

But, then, if the emperor and the generals said, “we have surrendered and are allowing the conquerors enter Japan and destroy our planes and tanks and guns,” then the people said, “OK.”

The Japanese people quickly forgave the US soldiers and even thanked them for the good changes that came to their country.

This was, in my mind, a miracle.

It would have been like the South universally forgiving the North back in 1866, and then never really bringing the 'Unpleasantries” back up again nor having ill feelings towards any “Yankees.”

That kind of change takes some powerful forgiving!

A lot of that forgiving occurred because the US military, after the surrender of Japan, followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. They, for the most part, showed an increase of charity. The US troops fed the people, did good to those who despitefully used them, and blessed those who had been cursing them.

Love of neighbor was the key to world peace.

Today, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate. Children walk to school and ride public transportation without fear. Women are safe in the cities. One recent social behavior study had people 'accidentally' drop their wallets and then walk away in 50 different locations in Japan. The hidden cameras showed that 50 out of 50 were picked up and returned immediately.

There is a wonderful overall respect for the law, and for decency.

And civility is taught in the schools.

All this contributes to the universal obedience to Covid Pandemic rules and regulations. Which in turn contributes to a very low rate of virus transmission in Japan.

Unfortunately, the recent pandemic news in the USA has not been encouraging. We can't really blame Japan for not issuing travel visas to Americans.

Returning to lockdowns and business closures is discouraging, even worrisome.

It seems to be increasingly difficult to stay positive and look for a eminent brighter day.

That is why we are personally grateful for a living prophet of God on the earth today. Though most of you do not know him, I can witness that there is a prophet, called of God, to speak the Words of the Lord to all the earth. His name is Russell M. Nelson. I know that he speaks with the resurrected Jesus Christ on a regular basis.

And today, it was announced that President Russell M. Nelson will be speaking a brief message to all people on the earth from the Lord this Friday at 1 p.m. EST.

This is a link to the announcement about it.... https://youtu.be/Q6TYaXoT3oE

And on Friday, you can tune into www.ChurchofJesusChrist.org and watch it live.

Please join Cindy and me and all people who have faith that Christ still speaks to mankind today. I am confident that the message of the prophet will give you hope and direction and that you will feel the Love of God for you and all mankind.

Afterwards, feel free to contact us if you would like to share your feelings about the message or understand more about God's love for His children on the earth.